Social Media Day Jacksonville 2018 Virtual Ticket

  • Access 20+ conference sessions and keynotes 
  • Learn Social Media from the pros all year round with full VIP access to all HD recorded presentations
  • Experience two fantastic days with the best marketers, discover the latest tactics and master social media in 2018 and beyond.

Watch the following sessions:

  • State of Social Media in 2018 – Carlos Gil (Gil Media Co.) 
  • Combining Owned & Paid Social for Tastier ROI – Caitlin Angeloff (DocuSign)
  • How to Make Your Videos Convert – Derral Eves (YouTube Expert)
  • Why Your Blogging Strategy is More Important Today – Leslie Samuel (Social Media Examiner)
  • Surviving & Thriving in a Constantly Changing Social Media World – Jay Owen (Design Extensions)
  • How True Consumer Insights Drive Compelling Social Creative – Jenn Talley (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Making Lemonade: How Beyonce Can Teach the Modern Marketer – Michael Barber (Godfrey)
  • The Theory of Creativity – Duncan Wardle (Formerly, Disney)
  • Add Personality To Your Videos – Matt Pittman (Florida Times-Union)
  • Crisis Communication and Humanizing Your Brand – Jennifer Watson (The Weather Channel)
  • Facebook HQ: What’s Working Today and Not Working on Facebook – Dennis Yu (Blitz Metrics)
  • Utilizing Social Media to Gain Customers – Nelson Burton (Interchanges)
  • The Jaguars Social Media Strategy – Darnell Brady (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Social Listening for Strategic Success – Dr. Margaret Stewart (University of North Florida)
  • Humanizing Your Brand Using Messenger Automation – Danny Monzon (DM Digital)
  • Decoding the Instagram Algorithm and Taking Advantage of It – Jenn Herman (Instagram Expert)
  • Outrageous Marketing Campaigns that Generate Real Results – Kenny Harper (Rock My Image)
  • How to use LIVE Video to Grow a Super Engaged Community – Luria Petrucci (Live Streaming Pros)

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