The Brand Marketer’s Survival Guide to Social Media in 2019

Your brand is swimming against the tide in the giant digital ocean of social media content. Learn how to rise above the noise to reclaim reach and relevance online.


What You Will Learn

I’ll let you in on the simple social media secrets I’ve picked up while working as a marketing executive at LinkedIn as well as leading social media for brands including Winn-Dixie, Save-A-Lot, and BMC Software. This includes how to:

Be Relevant

Wondering which social media networks to use? It’s simple: go where your customers are. Then, be relevant by having a platform-specific strategy.

Be Human

No one wants to hear jargon and dry sales pitches. Engage with your audience to attract real customers by showcasing what makes your brand—and the people behind it—human.

Be Social

Remember why people use social media: to be social. Focus on making real connections to exponentially expand your reach.

In this ebook, I’ll also share specific examples from my social media marketing experience and point out lessons you can learn from A-List celebrities and major brands that are crushing it on social media.

From these lessons, case studies and platform-specific insights, you’ll learn how to:

Reclaim Organic Engagement

If you’re frustrated by Facebook limiting your reach to 1% of your followers, you’re not alone. But there is a way to reclaim organic engagement by understanding what types of content social media networks prefer and creating content that people want to share.

Engage Brand Advocates

Everyone has influence within their own networks, and you can tap into that power by engaging customers and employees as brand advocates. Make social media content relevant and shareable for each silo within your company to dramatically expand your reach. Listen to who’s discussing your brand online and recruit them to create an army of micro-influencers.

Utilize Chatbots

Automated tools like chatbots, which you can create without coding experience via simple, online platforms, help you improve customer experience and free up time to focus on building genuine connections with customers.


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