I Quit My Dream Job at LinkedIn After 4 Months. Here's What I Learned

124 is the number of days that I was employed by LinkedIn before I resigned from what was my dream job.

Despite leaving the company on amicable terms to pursue a better career opportunity, to this day I am still asked the question "What happened at LinkedIn?" and the answer is simple: It wasn't a good fit.

It's taken me nearly two years to humble myself to write this piece and I've often contemplated if I should even do it as it's tough to accept that I squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity.

However, there's a lot to gain from self-reflection. For this reason, I want to share what I learned by failing in my dream job and how you can avoid the same fate.

1. Check Your Ego at The Door

While landing a new job can be an exciting time, wait for your employer to formally announce your hiring internally before letting anyone beyond your inner circle (ex: spouse, partner, mentor(s), or professional references) know. Keep in mind that you are being evaluated...

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