Snapchat, Facebook, Bots: What's Next for Social Media?

Watch for the ‘Real Talk’ that no other social media guru is telling you about the future of Snapchat, Facebook ads, chatbots and social media trends for 2018.

At Social Media Marketing World 2018, I had the chance to spit fire on a podcast from Europe about the current state of social media marketing including is Snapchat dead, how brands should be using Facebook ads to expand their marketing reach, and why I think using bots is a competitive advantage in 2018 to save time and money.

If you want to hear the ‘Real Talk’ of social media marketing, watch this video to learn what you can be doing right now to grow your organic reach on social media, watch to discover how to build your social media followers organically, and find out how to grow your business using social media with tools like bots.

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