Top Strategies to Be Seen on Social Media


The key to social media success is not to be everywhere at once or to be the loudest in the room but to be present where your customers are.

Watch and learn how to survive the Facebook algorithm change and master social media in 2018. 

Previously, I wrote about mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing strategy in which I called out that social media has evolved to be a cluttered and noisy sea of content muddled by competing social networks, brands, and people that are all vying for the same thing--reach and attention.

Seemingly, every channel you tune into these days there's a guru streaming live on Facebook, a YouTube video that's sweeping the internet, a sponsored tweet sandwiched in between that of your friends', and someone snapping randomness while pushing you to follow them on Instagram.

Knowing that organic reach is virtually dead, how does one stand out and get seen or discovered? Below are five key tactics to implement right away.

1. Focus on...

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