Social Media Strategies for 2018


Watch the opening keynote from Social Media Day Jacksonville 2018 and then get your Virtual Ticket by clicking here to discover the latest trends and know-how to grow your business.

The Virtual Ticket is perfect for any marketer, business owner, or influencer who wants to understand the latest social media marketing tools and trends.

Experience two amazing days (virtually) with full online access to all sessions from the physical conference in Jacksonville including keynote sessions from Dennis Yu, Luria Petrucci, Derral Eves, Jenn Herman, Leslie Samuel, Michael Barber, and many more.

Couldn’t make it to Florida this year? Don’t worry, with a Virtual Ticket you can still catch 20+ expert-led conference sessions and keynotes from anywhere in the world. 

Click here to sign up now.

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How to Get Real Estate Leads and Referrals with Facebook Ads


In case you missed it, the strategies shared in this training for Real Estate Agents will show you step-by-step how to get more followers and engagement on social media (for free) as well as how to leverage Facebook Ads to get referrals.

Key takeaways: 

  • Setting up Facebook tracking pixels on your website to improve Facebook page engagement & drive Real Estate lead conversions
  • Strategies for optimizing click-through rates on web, social, and email campaigns for Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • How to improve social media post reach by using key hashtags & other advanced strategies
  • Tools to measure website clicks & social media post impressions 
  • Advanced social selling strategies to keep your Real Estate referral pipeline full year-round

If you’ve ever been curious to learn how to master social media to generate leads and market your listings, visit and sign up today.

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YouTube Expert Derral Eves Reveals His Best Tips for Creators

At Social Media Marketing World 2018, video marketing expert Derral Eves shared his best video marketing tips to attract and retain more viewers on YouTube.

On this exclusive interview, YouTube expert Derral Eves offers an insider strategy that's been proven to help drive millions of YouTube views for creators. 

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How the Facebook Algorithm Really Works


How to survive the 'Algorithm Apocalypse' with new tricks and strategies presented by Carlos Gil, formerly of LinkedIn, CEO of Gil Media Co., award-winning storyteller and international keynote speaker.

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Snapchat, Facebook, Bots: What's Next for Social Media?

Watch for the ‘Real Talk’ that no other social media guru is telling you about the future of Snapchat, Facebook ads, chatbots and social media trends for 2018.

At Social Media Marketing World 2018, I had the chance to spit fire on a podcast from Europe about the current state of social media marketing including is Snapchat dead, how brands should be using Facebook ads to expand their marketing reach, and why I think using bots is a competitive advantage in 2018 to save time and money.

If you want to hear the ‘Real Talk’ of social media marketing, watch this video to learn what you can be doing right now to grow your organic reach on social media, watch to discover how to build your social media followers organically, and find out how to grow your business using social media with tools like bots.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

Start using TubeBuddy today by signing up at and begin optimizing your YouTube channel SEO today.

Watch this video tutorial and a step-by-step guide to discover the best YouTube growth tips and strategies to help you grow your YouTube channel subscribers and views fast.

Discover how TubeBuddy makes it easy to add the best YouTube meta tags to your videos and help you grow your channel like a pro.

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Top Strategies to Be Seen on Social Media


The key to social media success is not to be everywhere at once or to be the loudest in the room but to be present where your customers are.

Watch and learn how to survive the Facebook algorithm change and master social media in 2018. 

Previously, I wrote about mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing strategy in which I called out that social media has evolved to be a cluttered and noisy sea of content muddled by competing social networks, brands, and people that are all vying for the same thing--reach and attention.

Seemingly, every channel you tune into these days there's a guru streaming live on Facebook, a YouTube video that's sweeping the internet, a sponsored tweet sandwiched in between that of your friends', and someone snapping randomness while pushing you to follow them on Instagram.

Knowing that organic reach is virtually dead, how does one stand out and get seen or discovered? Below are five key tactics to implement right away.

1. Focus on...

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